Laguna Beach Intensive Outpatient Treatment

We Partner With Oceanfront Recovery

Intensive Outpatient Treatment, otherwise known as IOP, is a step down from full residential addiction treatment. Clients receiving intensive outpatient treatment normally spend several hours each day in clinical sessions.

Oceanfront Villas partners with Oceanfront Recovery because of their exceptional Intensive Outpatient Treatment program in Laguna Beach.

Typically all IOP services are delivered in an incremental manner, decreasing in intensity as the client progresses through his or her treatment program. We can offer flexible scheduling, with day and evening hours available for working clients and for clients attending school.

The Oceanfront Recovery intensive outpatient treatment program services are provided in their modern, therapeutically effective clinical facilities that allow the Oceanfront staff and clients to focus on the recovery process in a safe and comfortable environment.

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Sober Living with IOP in Orange County

Intensive outpatient rehab occurs within a supportive group format and also in individual therapeutic sessions. All the Intensive Outpatient Treatment sessions occur near the ocean in beautiful and sunny Orange County.

The experienced addiction treatment team at Oceanfront Recovery help our clients to overcome interpersonal, social and psychological barriers to recovery. The goal throughout the process of substance abuse treatment is to break the cycle of addiction by giving our clients the tools they need to enjoy clean and sober lives.

Some of the skills our clients work on include:

Dealing with alcohol and drug cravings

Identifying triggers

Learning new and effective communication skills

Improving choices

Practicing effective communication

Exploring healthy ways to decrease stress

Receiving and acting upon feedback

Creating and maintaining healthy relationships

The intensive outpatient rehab program at Oceanfront Recovery is highly effective in treating alcohol and drug addiction.

Please contact our dedicated and professional intake advisers today to begin the journey of recovery for you or your loved one.